1967 L88 Corvette Drag Racer

This 1967 L88 Corvette was still at the dealership when the 1968 Corvettes were on the showroom floor. As a typical L88, it was a rough running, hard driving Corvette. No one at the dealership could drive it or wanted to drive it. A buyer named David Ziegler purchased this Corvette from its Washington DC dealership and drove it 240 miles to his home in West Virginia. The drive home broke in the motor, as it performed better once he arrived home as compared to when he bought it.

This L88 Corvette was used primarily for street racing and drag racing at local tracks. As long as this L88 was running, it was a winner. It was raced for about a year by its original owner and the car was nicknamed "The Flying Dutchman"

The second owner purchased this L88 Corvette in the fall of 1968 and continued to drag race it. This 1967 L88 Corvette would pass through 7 owners until it was purchased by Dave Walters in 1979. It has since been displayed at Earthquake 88 and the 1992 Bloomington Special Collection honoring the 1967 Corvettes.

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