1968 L88 Corvette Barn Find

This 1968 L88 Corvette was originally sold by a Kansas City dealership to a buyer who wanted to race it. The buyer changed his mind and returned the L88 to the dealer. The L88 was then sold to its new owner in Illinois. This owner wanted to drive the L88 Corvette on the street and had a radio installed into it. During the next few years, 20,000 miles were put on this L88 Corvette before it was tucked away in the owner's barn. (Really). 17 years later, this L88 Corvette was taken out of the barn and given a full frame-off restoration. The original interior remains, and so do the factory shock absorbers, exhaust system and carburetor. The tank sheet verifies its originality and so do the sales sheets, title, and other paperwork. It has received a Bloomington Gold Certificate, an NCRS Top Flight, and Chevy Vettefest Triple Crown awards.


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