1969 L88 Canadian Export Corvette Racer

This 1969 L88 Corvette is the second of only three L88 Corvettes that were exported to Canada. It has complete documentation including tank sheet, Protect-O-Plate, warrenty booklet, owner history, and verification from General Motors of Canada. The original owner ordered this L88 Corvette with the intention of racing it in the SCCA. When it arrived in April of 1969, the owner changed his mind and did not professionally race this L88 Corvette. He did however drive this L88 Corvette at very high speeds, as he was clocked in excess of 170 MPH on a private course. Even on the drag strip, he was able to coax this L88 to a best E.T. of 11.8 sec @ 122 MPH. The car was sold in 1977 and brought back to the United States where it was placed in storage. It was eventually sold to its third and present owner who had it professionally restored in 1988. It received several Bloomington Gold awards and many NCRS awards as well. Recently, this Le Mans Blue L88 Corvette is displayed in vintage 1969 era SCCA racing trim as a tribute to what this particular L88 Corvette would have looked like had the original owner gone through with this racing ambitions.


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