L88 Corvette M40

This L88 Corvette was a Canadian Export L88 Corvette. It's a later production L88 Corvette as it was built on June 26, 1969. It is equipped with the open chamber aluminum cylinder heads and it is one of only 17 automatic transmission L88 Corvettes. This L88 Corvette was originally purchased as a present by a father for his son. The Corvette was so powerful, that the son did not feel comfortable driving it and traded it off for another new car with only 300 miles on it!! The second owner only drove it for 6 weeks before selling it to another interested party. The third owner kept this L88 Corvette for a number of years and really liked it. He ended up putting 67,000 miles on it driving it on the weekends before his death in 1980. The fourth owner only put an additional 150 miles on the car during the next 7 years. The fifth owner had the car prepared for Bloomington Gold status in 1987 and achieved his goals in 1988. The current owner purchased this L88 Corvette in 1990 and has had it displayed several times at NCRS and other Corvette related shows. It still contains its tank sheet, Protect-O-Plate, a letter from General Motors of Canada Ltd., and original documents.


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