1969 L88 Corvette Export Canada

This 1969 L88 Corvette is an export L88 Corvette. It was sold in Canada and is believed to be one of the first of three Canadian L88 Corvettes sold as new 1969 Corvettes during the 1969 model year. This L88 Corvette was not built to run at the drag strip, instead, it was built to run at high speeds on the highway. This L88 is equipped with a 3.08 rear end, which was almost the highest rear end ratio you could order without special approval by Duntov himself. This L88 Corvette only accumulated 29,000 miles with its first two owners. Most recently, its current owner George Pappas, drove this L88 Corvette cross country with its highway gears, and in the process accomplished two goals. One, was basically driving this beast cross country, and two, reached speeds in excess of 150 mph in the process. This L88 Corvette is complete with its tank sheet, bill of sale, and more.


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