The Camouflaged Soldier 1969 Corvette Survivor L88

This Fathom Green 1969 L88 Corvette has been nicknamed "The Camouflaged Soldier" due to its age and appearance. With its green exterior with a black racing stripe and a tan leather interior, it looks as if its ready for battle (on the street.) Besides the required L88 package options and the leather interior, this L88 Corvette is also equipped with a tilt/telescopic steering column and alarm system. It is originally a California L88 and spent the first three years of its life in the Los Angeles area. It was moved to Oregon by its third owner and was placed in storage back in 1976. Thirty years later, this L88 Corvette was fired up its new owner George Pappas and in 2007, it achieved a Bronze Spinner award and a 4-category Bloomington Gold Survivor award.


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