1969 L88 Corvette with Factory Side Exhaust Option

This Monza Red 1969 L88 Corvette only has 13,600 miles on it. The young first owner received this L88 Corvette as a present from his father and kept it for a year and a half. At this point in time, this red Corvette only had 10,000 miles. The second owner was an accountant who purchased it for his wife who always wanted a red Corvette. As the couple soon discovered, the L88 did not perform well in stop and go traffic and overheated often. Only 3,200 miles were added to the odometer during the eight year period while the accountant and his wife owned it. The current owner has owned this red on red L88 Corvette for the past eleven years after being owned by other Corvette collectors after the accountant sold it. The current owner is Frank Stech Jr. and he is the sixth owner. He claims that it virtually drives and handles like brand new 1969 Corvette. It is basically unrestored except for its paint job that was done about 20 years ago. It features an optional 4.11:1 rear end ratio for aggressive street driving, but it has not been driven for years. This L88 Corvette also features optional tilt / telescopic steering column and optional side exhaust system.


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