See-Thru Corvette L-88

This see thru L88 Corvette was photographed at the 2009 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. Owned by Kevin Mackay and fabricated at his shop Corvette Repair. A perfect example of how a business owner can promote the skill and expertise of his business!



This is a factory produced L88 Corvette. Now before you make any assumptions, read closely. This L88 Corvette is undergoing a state of the art restoration. The original body was removed from its matching frame that it left St. Louis with back in 1969. This L88 Corvette is black. What you are seeing is a fabricated body with special components and other factory style pieces to display what an L88 Corvette looks like if you could see thru it!! How clever!



Yes, that is a real vintage original L88 engine planted in that engine compartment. And yes the block stamp pad is matching numbers correct.


Check out that Rock Crusher!



All Corvettes have tank sheets. They are not imaginary or fictional, they are real and they are supposed to be there. This tank sheet has all the necessary L-88 options plus tinted glass and an optional 4.11:1 rear end ratio for some serious street racing or competitive runs at the drag strip.


At some point in the future, the original body will be placed back onto its original frame and it will present itself as a beautiful piece of machinery.




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