Tony DeLorenzo 1967 L88 Corvette

The Corvette that you see here is the very first RPO L88 Corvette.
Restored back to its 1967 racing livery, it still remains stunning today.
This L88 Corvette is all business. It was built and prepped for
one thing, and one thing only..... to win races, and that it did.


This competition restoration is superb. Note the interior details, the cowl induction,
the first generation collector style of the header / sidepipes, and the decals and paint.

All of Tony's Corvettes were meticulously prepared for competition by a
group of hard working goal oriented individuals who wanted to win.

Tony DeLorenzo knows how to set goals and accomplish them.
When he falls down, has a set back, or a mechanical failure, he knows how to get up,
learn from the experience, and return as an even more formidable competitor.

That's what made him a champion.

We can all learn something from Tony.

Both Tony DeLorenzo and this First RPO L88 Corvette, were inducted
into the Great Hall at the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show
on Friday June 24th 2011.

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