L88 Corvettes at MCACN
Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

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The inaugural Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals were held in November 2009 in Chicago. The show replaced the long running Chevy VetteFest Car Show. Muscle Cars are alive and well in the Windy City as well as many, many other cities in the Midwest and the whole country. Corvettes have never lost their popularity, and as new generations are being designed and built, the older models are becoming increasingly more popular.

My special niche within the Corvette world pertains to the Corvettes with the optional L-88 special high performance equipment. The L88 Corvette was showcased within their own area at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, in an area appropriately named: L-88 Showcase.



The L88 Corvettes that were invited to this showcase are the best of the best. That's my table between the 1968 Sunray DX L-88 #3 and the white convertible with the optional vinyl covered bolt on hardtop. Lets take a walk around the L-88 Showcase.











Known by many in the racing world as the Johnson and Johnson Corvette, but in fact was owned by Doug Bergen. Doug owned another L88 Corvette that went on to even more racing success. You'll have to see it in my book:
Corvette Racing Legends



Here we find the 1968 L88 Corvette that was raced in the Don Yenko L88 Corvette team sponsored by Sunray DX Oil Company. Sunray is long gone, but the L88 Corvette lives on. Due to the layout of the L88 Showcase, this is the best photo. Again, this car can be seen in more detail in my book:
Corvette Racing Legends.






This is what an all original 1969 L88 Corvette interior looks like. Complete with radio block off plate and gasoline quality warning sticker on the console.





















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