L88 Corvettes at the 2010 MCACN
Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

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L88 Corvettes invaded the 2010 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. Though not as populated as the 2009 show, the L88 Corvettes never the less stole the show!


The main attraction was this 1967 Corvette convertible. This Corvette is no ordinary Corvette, it's the first Corvette to be ordered and delivered from the St. Louis Missouri factory with the L88 engine option and all the other required options to complete the L88 package. This Corvette is known as the #1 RPO L88 Corvette as it was ordered for Tony DeLorenzo for competition (racing) purposes. That's my table to the left of #1 RPO L88 where I autographed by L88 Corvette Racing Legends book the whole weekend. Tony was kind enough to hang out with me during the show! It was neat to hear him tell me about his racing days! The racing history of #1 RPO L88 is in my book: Corvette Racing Legends, the story of the L-88 option package.


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The infamous Ko-Motion L88 Corvette made a rare public appearance at this show. This Corvette was originally built as a drag racing machine by Motion Performance back in 1967. The 427 aluminum headed L88 engine was swapped in by Joel Rosen and his crew and the rest they say is history. This L88 Corvette was placed in storage after the 1969 racing season. Good fortune would favor this L88 Corvette as the storage garage was unknowingly properly ventilated and moisture controlled. When this L88 Corvette was rolled out of storage over 30 years later, all the original paint, interior, and rubber was beautifully preserved!! What you see here is an all original L88 Corvette from the late sixties. Even the soap bar marks that numbered the car at the drag strip are still present on the rear window, just the way it was rolled into storage over 40 years ago! It was a privilege to see this L88 from New York.


This 1968 "Barn Find" L88 Corvette, made its appearance for the second year in a row. Only 80 Corvettes were equipped with the L88 engine package for the 1968 model year. An even smaller number were produced with a red exterior and interior! This is one of them. Always great to see these historically significant L88 Corvettes!


This 1970 ZR1 Corvette is what I've always called a "Small Block L88" Corvette. The ZR1 option was available on the third generations Corvettes from 1970 through 1972. Only a handful in total were built. The ZR1 was powered by the 350 LT1 solid lifter engine AND it contained all the other L88 drivetrain and chassis components. The ZR1 was originally designed by the Corvette engineers to qualify the Corvette for the B/Production category in SCCA racing. The L88 Corvette was the A/Production racer and champion from 1969-1972, so it only made sense to offer another version of the Corvette for other category racing. Most people don't know the ZR1 existed prior to the release of the 1990 ZR1 Corvette, but this is the first of the original batch.


Complete with radio block off plate and the M22 rock crusher transmission, this 1970 ZR1 was ready to go. Most of these C3 ZR1 Corvettes never racing professionally, with only a couple modified for club racing. These early ZR1 Corvettes are usually found mostly intact with most if not all of their original factory installed equipment!


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In 1971, the solid lifter,aluminum head 454 LS6 was available as an option. I believe 188 LS6 Corvettes were sold in the 1971 model year, but an extra cost competition option was available for the LS6. The ZR2 option included not only the LS6 engine, but also all the L88 chassis and drivetrain components, just like in the ZR1. The ZR2 Corvette production is believed to be at twelve, with only two convertibles. This ZR2 Corvette would be one of the two produced. Really neat seeing this one! I briefly discussed both the ZR1 and the ZR2 Corvettes in my book Corvette Racing Legends, but I hope to provide even more detail on these ZR1 and ZR2 Corvettes in a developing book that will be a companion book to Corvette Racing Legends.

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I want to thank Terry Michealis, Glen Spielberg, Ed Foss, and Al Wagner (ZR1 not shown) for bringing their L88, ZR2, and ZR1 Corvettes to this MCACN show.

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